Friday, April 29, 2011

Sullivan's Island: The Grand Finale

The vacation is winding down, but not before we hit the beach at Sullivan's Island. We had dinner at Sullivan's Restaurant. We ate there about a year ago and really enjoyed it. Sullivan's Island is a small beach community and the restaurants seem to be filled with locals. Other than the whole taking photos of everything, I think we fit right in.

The restaurant is small with vintage decor typical of a locally owned business that places more importance on the quality of its food and customer service than actual atmosphere. Kid-friendly, the waiter brought us a big basket of crayons and some coloring sheets. That kept my younger son occupied for quite a while. We got there fairly early in the evening and there were a few families already there. By the time we left the beach later in the evening, we drove past the restaurant and the place was packed with folks, some eating at the tables outside.

We decided to deviate from our usual appetizer of crab dip and ordered calamari. My older son actually loves calamari even though he doesn't know what he's eating. He just piles a bunch on his plate and starts chowing down. I think it's great! The dish came out freshly cooked and the calamari was lightly breaded and very tender. It was perfect with just a squeeze of lemon.

I ordered a shrimp dish baked in butter, garlic, and lemon. It was tangy and rich with garlic. I sopped up all of the juices with the bread.

Eric was in the mood for pasta so ordered one of Sullivan's signature dishes - shrimp, scallops, and bacon in a cheesy alfredo over fettucine. As if this plate wasn't enough, it came with two sides. He ordered red rice and fried okra...again. And, he brought back a doggie bag which I'm sure he'll polish off before the night is over.

Of course, the boys had to hit the beach. They had a blast!

The sun sets on another family vacation. Memories have been made but each one of us will take home one that is different from everybody else's. That's how memories work. It's time to start packing up for our departure tomorrow morning. But, I can't bring myself to start just yet...

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