Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love and Cupcakes

But, I'm still just a girl...

standing in front of a boy

asking him to love her.

Any Notting Hill fans out there? That's my favorite line from the movie. I have a soft spot for that movie and for cupcakes. My cousin Alicia made these cupcakes for my cousin Lindsey's bridal shower that we hosted yesterday. Everything turned out just like we planned and it was beautiful. I'll share a few recipes in my next post but wanted to highlight our cupcakes. I brought a few home and hid them from the kids.

It wasn't just cupcakes; we had gifts, too.

And we stopped eating cupcakes long enough to open them.
Congratulations to Lindsey and Steven!


  1. I love Notting Hill ;) I also love cupcakes and love how those are decorated ;) Congratulations to your cousin!

  2. Where did your cousin find the tux and dress to decorate the cupcaakes and make the boxes?


  3. Becky, I'll see my cousin today so I'll ask her. Will come back and post later. Kim

  4. Hi Becky! My cousin got the boxes from the Dollar Tree. She said she cut up one set of boxes to use on the cupcakes. Clever and cheap. Hope this helps you!

  5. cupcake, love and life are blended into beautiful moment here in your post. i like it..


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