Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lunch at Shem Creek

Never fear! The threat for possibly severe weather did not keep our family from missing lunch at one of our favorite restaurants here in Mt. Pleasant - Shem Creek Bar & Grill! I vividly remember the first time I ate here years ago with my husband. We came for lunch and I asked the waitress about the vegetable of the day. She went to the kitchen to check to see what they were serving that day and returned quickly to our table with her nose crinkled up. "It's fried cabbage!", she said apologetically. Honey, there's no need to apologize. That's one of my favorite veggies. I was so excited and impressed. I ordered it and it was delicious.

We've brought the kids here many times in the past and they always have a good time. The restaurant is very casual, mostly patio-style seating that reminds you of eating on someone's back porch. There's a great view of the creek from almost every room in the restaurant.

See, nothing fancy here. So, nothing that my kids can destroy!

As you can imagine, seafood is the main food on the menu. We ordered crab dip for our appetizer. Eric and I eat a lot of crab dip when we're in the Charleston/Mt. Pleasant area. We've got to test them all out to find our favorite. I'm a fan of this one because it's full of crab and doesn't contain any shredded cheese.

This little bowl didn't last very long.

In addition to a house salad, the kids split this grilled shrimp plate.

I, however, didn't split my plate with anybody. All of it was fresh and hot: fried shrimp, fried okra, and Shem spuds. But, do you know what the best part of it was? Do you see that little cup of tarter sauce? Well, it's delicious. It's full of dill and tastes wonderful. I just wish I could have had more to dip in it.

Eric finally got the fried oysters that he missed out on yesterday. He went the red rice route and said it was great and that I needed to make some when we got home. I guess I'll have to pull out my cookbooks and find a recipe.

There's plenty of outdoor seating if you can fight off the humidity and sharks.

It's kid-friendly, too, but this is the only dog that I saw on the premises!

Shem Creek Bar and Grill is opened for lunch and dinner. As you can imagine, the lunch prices are significantly cheaper than the dinner prices. Plus, during the day, you get to see all of the quirky decor and the beautiful view of the creek and passing boats. If you come to the Mt. Pleasant area, you'll definitely want to add this place to your must-eat-there list!

Now, what's for dinner?

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  1. I love Shem Creek Bar and Grill! Two years ago my BF and I vacationed in North and South Carolina. I fell in love with both states but have to admit that South Carolina was my favorite. We spent about four days in the Charleston area....stayed on the Isle of Palms and spent a lot of time there, on Sullivan's Island, Mt. Pleasant and Charleston. We ate at a lot of wonderful restaurants and had many delicious meals. We happened upon Shem Creek Bar and Grill one evening and liked it so much that we actually ate there twice. Our second favorite was Toast...we loved their breakfast.

    Needless to say, we were spoiled by all the wonderful seafood. When we returned to Ohio, we couldn't order seafood at any restaurant for a long time. Finding good seafood here is almost impossible.

    I hope to get back to Charleston again.

  2. Sheryle- Sounds like you had a great vacation and ate some great food! We're planning on hitting Sullivan's Island while we're here, too. We like Sullivan's Restaurant there. It's definitely a locals place but we had a great meal there and I can't stop thinking about it. Plus, the kids love to go to the beach afterwards.

  3. It looks like a great place to enjoy.

  4. wow this looks wonderful! i would totally eat there! yum!!

  5. Now this is a part of Charleston that we've never the book though! Need to go for sure.....thanks for the restaurant review that we'll need to check out!


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