Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers...and Weddings

April 6, 2011 is my 15th wedding anniversary. I don't remember a lot about the day, most of my memories are formed around the photographs taken that day. Funny how things work like that. I only remember that during the reception, I was cornered by the wedding cake, speaking to every person in the room while my new husband circled the food, eating plate after plate. I made do with the bite of wedding cake I had eaten while we fed each other for the photographer. On the way to our honeymoon, I announced I was starving. He, however, was stuffed, admitting he had eaten seven plates of food at the reception. I made a meal out of the basket that was prepared for me at the reception. So, it began...

On April 16th, my cousins and I are hosting a bridal shower for one of my youngest cousins, Lindsey. She's getting married in May. I'm sure the excitement is reaching a fevered pitch at her house right about now. But, I won't involve myself in that. I'm all about the food for the shower. And, I'm part of the best catering staff ever - my cousins! I will, of course, do a blog post showing all of you what we prepared. Now, if only I could decide what to prepare. I hope Lindsey will enjoy the food she has at this shower. She'll never taste a thing at the wedding reception!


  1. Ahhhh...what a cute looking couple!

  2. Happy anniversary! I fully intend to eat at my wedding, but I hope my fiance and I will have as long and fruitful of a marriage as yourselves.

  3. Yes, every bride should eat at her own wedding. Make it a priority!


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