Friday, April 29, 2011

Charleston: The Past 24 Hours

Last night, after much deliberation of where to eat dinner that involved a grand-scale internet search, the family decided that we had had enough of seafood for a while. So, my guys chose Five Guys Burgers for dinner. Sorry to disappoint everyone out there who was hoping for another local restaurant review. But, you know, sometimes you just need a good greasy hamburger or grilled cheese according to my younger son. The kids had a great time and, in "Man vs. Food" style, we cheered my older son on as he struggled through the last few bites of his huge hamburger. Man won!

This morning, we decided to go back to Page's Okra Grill and give their breakfast a try. I went for a bacon biscuit with a side of home fries. The potatoes were very well seasoned. The flavor was familiar. It reminded me of something? What? I know! It reminded me of the seasoning blend I use at home. I believe I detected a little seasoning salt and garlic salt.

Eric tackled this spread. There were actually three pancakes in that stack. won in this challenge!

Downtown Charleston Restaurants

After breakfast, we drove to the downtown Charleston area. It was a gorgeous spring morning. The temperature was in the lower 70's with a nice breeze blowing, perfect for walking around the downtown area. There are so many famous restaurants to choose from in Charleston. I would love to be able to take a culinary tour of the place.(There really is a culinary tour of the area.) But, with young children, I'm not comfortable taking them in to these small, cramped upscale restaurants. Besides, what are the odds of them having a children's menu. Anyway, I did take some photos of the establishments. Heck, I can always dream! And, maybe one day, my children will grow up and I'll be allowed inside these hallowed halls. Until then, I'll have these photos to help me dream.

The Market Area

We enjoyed walking around the market area. We did a little window shopping and just enjoyed taking in the atmosphere.

Here's a lesson for you. Look down every alley. You just don't know what you'll find. Like this oasis in the city.

Charleston Candy Kitchen

So, we finally found a place that held the kids interest and mine, too. This place is candy heaven and we left with some edible souvenirs, my favorite kind. Ah, the pralines...and the excitement generated by a barrel of Starbursts.

After a so-so lunch at a restaurant that shall not be named, we've returned to the hotel for rest and digestion. We have a fun evening planned that will involve us hitting the Sullivan's Island area for dinner and beachcombing. My eight-year-old declares it will be the "grand finale!"

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  1. the look of that galato takes me back to Italy except there they stack it high with fruit or whatever type it is as a display. there's no mistaking what each one is that way that's for sure!


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