Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Oyster Roast

About once a year, Eric roasts oysters. His brother, Greg, is a welder by trade and has made the McCallie Family Oyster Roaster. Today was beautiful and uncommonly warm even for the south. So, Eric and his brother thought it would be perfect to roast some oysters and enjoy the early spring thaw. 

Here's the oyster roaster. It's a steel table that's heated with gas. They lay the oysters on the table, cover them with a burlap sack, and wet the sack to create steam.

They're really cooking now!

I like them when they crack open like this. I consider that "well done" which is how I like them with the edges of the oysters curled.

I can see you through the peep hole!

Sometimes, the shells won't open so you have to help them out a little. This is an oyster knife. Hold the oyster in a rag and wedge the tip of the oyster knife in the "hinge" area on the "butt" end of the oyster. Just work it a little and the oyster will open up.

Just like this!

An oyster on a half shell. Eat it right off the shell.

Or maybe this saltine cracker will help!

But, my favorite way to eat it is with some of our homemade cocktail sauce or with a dash of hot sauce. You're welcome to join us next year!


  1. Oh YUM, I'll take mine roasted, and on the half shell. I LOVE oysters anyway you desire. My favorite aunt taught me to love oysters many years ago when I was a child. My family made scalloped oysters for Thanksgiving and Aunt Doris would always "sneak" me a bite or two before the dish was cooked. Brings back precious memories.

    Have a God Filled Day

  2. They are an acquired taste. Maybe I'm a wimp but I like mine small and well-done. Besides, they're just fun to shuck! My husband will shuck them for everyone even though he's had enough just because he enjoys shucking them!


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