Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

The food blogging world can be a dangerous place, especially for the old wallet. Every time I turn around, I find a recipe I want to try and, sometimes, those recipes require a gadget that I don't have. A couple of months ago, I started seeing doughnut recipes pop up everywhere. I considered buying a doughnut maker but couldn't quite justify the price. Would I use it? Still not sure about that. So, I compromised and bought doughnut pans - cheaper with easier clean-up and storage.

So, there they sat on my dining room table waiting to be utilized. Then, I found this recipe by Chef in Training's Guest Blogger, Katie from This Chick Cooks. I love blueberry cake doughnuts from Krispy Kreme so I knew that I would like these. Besides, I could justify them as both a breakfast pastry and dessert.

Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons buttermilk (or regular milk)
2 large eggs
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 tablespoons water
½ cup blueberries

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Crush your berries with the back of a fork. In a separate bowl, mix together milk, eggs, oil, blueberries and water. Pour the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients and stir just until combined. Bake at 325 degrees for 16-18 minutes in a 6-doughnut pan or in a mini doughnut maker according to manufacturer directions. Alternatively, you can bake them in lined mini muffin tins for 7-12 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. While the doughnuts are cooling make your glaze.

For the glaze:
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix together powdered sugar and lemon juice. Add water 1 teaspoon at a time until it reaches a thick drizzling consistency. Drizzle glaze over cooled doughnuts and enjoy! Yields: 8 regular or 24-30 mini doughnuts.
Source: adapted from baked doughnut recipe at

The newest addition to my kitchen...

These doughnuts were moist and tender much like a muffin. Delicious!


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  1. Blueberry cake donuts are probably my favorite cake donut!! I really need to get me a donut pan!

  2. I'm convinced I need a donut pan. Never thought I needed one before now.
    I have some blueberries I just put up..time to get them back out! This recipe sounds like it'll be one of my favorites!

  3. I am also avoiding things like wafelmaker,donut maker candyfloss maker..makers makers everywhere.And when you have the makers you gotta make ..
    Good idea to make muffins like this;)

  4. You're right, Dzoli. I hate cleaner all of the makers. The "easy clean-up" never is.

  5. These blueberry donuts are "to die for" and I can't wait to make them, as soon as I buy some donut pans! :) Yum!

  6. Oh my...these look amazing! And so simple...I want one of those cake pans...


    xoxo Gert

    1. If you don't have a donut pan yet, you can use a coupon at Michaels or Joannes for 50% off and get one for $5.00 what a deal, I might buy some pans and give some recipes to my friends for Christmas, along with freshly baked donuts of course, God bless you Gert!!!

  7. Ack! Now I need a donut pan! :) I love cake donuts and yours look so yummy!

  8. I just made these for our Sunday morning family breakfast. They were so good!

  9. I love blueberry doughnuts. I really need to get one of these pans. All these recipes are making me drool!

  10. I still haven't bought a doughnut pan yet. These doughnuts look fantastic!

  11. so good. so so so soooo good! thanks for posting, as always i love your blog :)

  12. I love donuts and can eat blueberries on a daily basis so this recipe is perfect for me in more ways than one. delish! thx for sharing :)

  13. I don't have a doughnut pan and I've been trying to hold off from buying one! But these look so good! I'd love it if you stopped by and shared a link with us at my Week Wrap Up!

  14. We made these for breakfast - using whole wheat flour, & omitted the oil entirely (just used 5 T buttermilk & 2 T water) -- the lemon glaze was a hit! Thanks!

  15. Wow, these are like healthy donuts! I think I would cut the sugar by 1/3rd and maybe only use egg whites, and see about how that worked out. I'm constantly trying to make everything healthier and still taste good. this is a great start! thanks for the post!

  16. this is the bomb recipe. we've made plain, blueberry and strawberry donuts for Easter morn. YUM!


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