Saturday, September 11, 2010

September is Birthday Month

I have a large extended family. We're kind of like the Waltons but we have Shawn Boy instead of John Boy. September is a big birthday month for our family. Including both of my parents and myself, there are about five or six more birthdays this month. This year is a big year for my cousin, Alicia. She turns 30 today! That came as a surprise to my 7-year-old. He thought she was a teenager.

Now, Alicia's sister, Angela is the queen of theme - theme parties that is. So, of course, it wasn't enough to have a surprise birthday party for Alicia. It had to have a theme. I've been to a couple of these theme parties in the past including the recent Hawaiian Luau and last year's infamous Pirate Murder Mystery. But, because Alicia had wanted to go to an Italian restaurant for her birthday dinner, Angela had the theme she needed and a willing accomplice in me.

We went with the American version of Italian with spaghetti, lasagna, salad, and bread. Now, these Waltons are a picky bunch, but I slipped in a whole head of garlic in my spaghetti sauce and they lapped it right up, none the wiser.

Angela worked the salads and even made a pitstop into the Olive Garden for some of their dressing.
These were little tomato and pesto bread bites.

I made these stuffed shells with chopped Italian salad. My mind is already churning figuring out ways to change them up next time. In one word - bacon! I will be perfecting this recipe and posting soon.

Normally, Alicia makes the birthday cakes in the family. But, Angela whipped this one up. She's currently taking a cake decorating class. Show the girl some love, people!!

I made this strawberry tiramisu. The whole thing was gone except for one scoop that I grabbed, hid, and brought home to Eric.

This is Ashley - Angela and Alicia's brother. He was the balladier for the evening. I requested "That's Amore" but think I got some George Jones instead. Stick with the theme, Jim Bob!!!

This is the birthday girl. Even though she was born when I was in the seventh grade, she's somehow gotten older than I am. Hmm...crazy stuff.

We had a great evening - the food was good and well consumed. The theme queen pulled off another successful party and dragged me along for the ride.

Good night, Jim Bob!

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