Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bridal Shower RSVP

Yesterday, I found out that my little cousin is engaged. I say little because she was born a few months after I graduated from high school. What is this world coming to when they're allowing children to get married?!? Okay, so maybe she's not really a child and may have recently graduated from college but that's as far as I'm going to reveal her age which, therefore, reveals mine.

But, her engagement immediately made me think bridal shower. Don't worry - I've already contacted the theme queen and I'm sure she's already brainstorming. We're on this. It will happen. Until then...

I started to think about all of the showers, both bridal and baby, that I've been to through the years. I remember going to showers with my Mama, Mema, and all my aunts and cousins. The memory most prominent in my mind, other than the one where my aunt fell as we were leaving and rolled around in the hostess' yard, was the shower staple of small bowls filled with pastel mints and salted peanuts. I was a mint person myself. And, even though it's been over 30 years since I went to my first shower, the mints and peanuts are still a standard at most showers around these parts.

Now, usually our invitations to these showers were by word of mouth. Sometimes, we got a phone call telling us who, what, where, when, why, and how and we just showed up with a gift, ate some mints, opened some gifts, and left. But, one day, my Mama and I received an invitation in the mail to a baby shower that had our first ever RSVP on it!! I told Mama that she had to call to confirm that we were coming because RSVP must mean they're planning something special. Oh, what could it be???

I have to admit a certain weakness for bakery cake squares and I had high hopes we would be served some fine ones that Saturday afternoon. My Mama and I rolled up to the church social hall almost giddy with anticipation. We timidly entered the double doors, gently placed our present on the gift table, and quickly peeked at the food. We had RSVP'd for a bowl of Doritos and a boxed cake mix (not that there's anything wrong with that). My Mama and I still laugh at that to this day and I think about it every time I see an RSVP on an invitation. 

So, congratulations Lindsey. I'm sure I'll be receiving an invitation soon and, don't worry, I will RSVP.

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