Thursday, February 23, 2012

Proctor and Gamble's "One-List Life" at Publix

Attention Publix Shoppers! From February 23–29 you can participate in Proctor and Gamble's “One List Life” promotion, available exclusively at Publix: simply select any four fabulous participating P&G items and pick up a FREE Rotisserie Chicken while you’re at it! Learn more at

Ladies, grab your coupons and head to Publix to get on board this savings train. I just got home with my free lemon pepper rotisserie chicken ($7.39 value at my local Publix) and a bag full of Proctor and Gamble products. I chose Charmin toilet paper, Cascade dishwasher tabs, Tide detergent, and Pantene shampoo as my four products. There were other products to choose from such as Iams pet food, Bounty paper towels, Always, and Tampax feminine products. I suggest you sort through your coupons and match them up to some of these products to create even bigger savings for yourself.

I love the idea of the "One List Life" because I consider myself a major list-maker. Not only do I make shopping lists, I also create to-do lists, wish lists, and completion lists. If an item isn't on my list, it doesn't get purchased or completed. It's as if it doesn't exist if I haven't written it down somewhere. Have you ever spent valuable time compiling a list and then get to the store and find you've left it at home? Yes, that's happened to me many times, too. I find myself wandering aimlessly around the store and leaving with a few unnecessary items and nothing that I needed.

To be honest, that happened to me today when I was planning my trip to Publix to take part in the "One List Life" promotion. As the doors to Publix slid open, I nervously headed straight to the deli and hoped that my memory wouldn't fail me. But, fortunately, P&G anticipated my oversight and provided a display containing the "One List Life" checklist right there at the deli. I grabbed my chicken and checked off my products and was out of the store in record time even with two kids in tow. And, that's what the "One List Life" is all about - consolidating those lists to make your shopping experience and your busy life easier to manage.

Thank you to P&G for sponsoring my participation in this “One List Life” promotion. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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