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Georgia Peach Pound Cake

Have I ever mentioned that this blog is coming to you live from the Peach State? I may have let it slip a time or two that I'm from Georgia. And, I've been waiting to share this pound cake with you, waiting until the peaches are ripe and abundant. They're ready! Are you? I found this recipe years ago on allrecipes.com and I've been baking it ever since. This truly is a unique recipe. I've never seen another Peach Pound Cake recipe in any of my cookbooks. Even people here in Georgia are surprised when they hear about it but pleased when they taste it. The juicy peaches make this cake so moist that you'll just want to cry when you taste it. This ain't Heaven, it's Georgia. But, for me, that's close enough!

Georgia Peach Pound Cake

1 cup butter or margarine, softened
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups fresh peaches, pitted and chopped

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Butter a 10 inch tube pan and coat with white sugar.

In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well with each addition, then stir in the vanilla. Reserve 1/4 cup of flour for later, and sift together the remaining flour, baking powder and salt. Gradually stir into the creamed mixture. Use the reserved flour to coat the chopped peaches, then fold the floured peaches into the batter. Spread evenly into the prepared pan.

Bake for 60 to 70 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. Allow cake to cool in the pan for 10 minutes, before inverting onto a wire rack to cool completely.


See the sun dance across her rosey cheeks, soft and downy. She is sweet yet subtle. And, the spotlight follows her wherever she goes. She is a star! My little Georgia peach...

I start the recipe by peeling and chopping the peaches into bite-size pieces. I don't like to stop in the middle of making a cake batter to chop fruit. I always have my fruit ready for me when I need it. But, try to resist eating the peaches now. You'll need them later.

One of the things that is different about this recipe is that I prepare the pan with shortening and a sprinkle of sugar instead of flour. This makes for a sweet crunchy crust that tastes like a sugar cookie. Delicious!
Cream the butter and sugar together.

Add the eggs and mix until creamy.

Prepare the dry ingredients.

Gradually add the dry ingredients to the butter and egg mixture. The batter will be much thicker than a traditional pound cake batter because there's no milk added. The moisture will come from the peaches.

Toss the peaches with 1/4 cup of flour. This prevents the peaches from sinking to the bottom of the cake as it bakes.

Add the peaches to the batter and fold in gently to prevent the peaches from breaking up in the batter. Carefully lift the batter from the bottom of the bowl and cover the peaches. Fold until the peaches are just barely covered with batter. Do not overmix!
I see you, little girl! You're going to be a star!

I can't describe how happy this makes me. To feel the plop of a pound cake as it slides effortlessly out of the pan is such a satisfying experience. Isn't she a beauty?
Life is good here in Georgia! Wish you were here...


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  1. Oh my Kim, this looks so good, I cant wait to try this one, my mouth is watering just looking at the picture. Definately going on my to try list!

  2. Oh boy does this look soooo good and easy. I can't wait to try this recipe! thanks for sharing this recipe! YUM>>

    My daughter lives in Georgia, I will share this with her!! I know she will love it too.

    xoxo Gert

  3. KIM!!!!! This looks oh so yummy. DROOL! Me being so close to GA I need to get some more peaches PRONTO!

  4. I love peaches and I love pound cake! So this is a winner in my book!

  5. i have some peaches so i might be trying this very soon!

  6. that looks so delicious! I love peaches and pound cake - together = heaven !

  7. Love this, Kim! I live right on the North Carolina/South Carolina border and will have access to wonderful local fresh peaches VERY soon. I will be making your cake!! I invite you to check out my classic pound cake, if you'd like, by clicking on my name above.

  8. Oh, this sounds fabulous! And that sugar crust is a wonderful tip....mmmmm.

  9. I barely read past the title before I decided I wanted to make this pound cake! Looks absolutely divine.

  10. Yum!! Thanks for sharing this at Savory Sundays! It looks great!!

  11. This pound cake looks amazing. I am definitely going to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Found this recipe last year - was awesome. I think I made it 5-6 different times with consistent results - including maximum compliments! I couldn't wait for peaches to be in season again this year!

  13. I made this cake twice now and it was a huge success - it disappears in seconds, it's moist, fluffy and deliciously sweet !! Thanks for this recipe :)

  14. My mom just gave me a bunch of peaches from her tree. I'm going to print this off and bake this tomorrow! Sounds oh so good!

  15. Mmmmm. Discovered this recipe this afternoon and had a slice for dessert tonight. Simple to prepare and oh so delicious. Thank you!

  16. Great, Great recipe. Love the taste

  17. This cake was AWESOME! I added a little Peach Schnapps to the batter then I glazed the cake while still hot in the bundt pan.
    Glaze~ 1 stick of butter
    1 cup of sugar
    1/4 cup Peach Schnapps
    Bring to boil 5 minutes before taking cake out of oven to allow sugar to dissolve. Then pour on top and allow cake to cool in pan.


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