Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Saturday Night Hamburgers

Nothing brings a smile to the face of all in our family like announcing that it's hamburger night. While not only acting in the role of my sous chef on occasion and being the king of the grill, Eric is also the master of making hamburger patties. So, my declaration of hamburger night was a call to arms of sort for him. He leapt into action! The kids love it when we eat outside - more time for their crazy antics while we're cooking. I love any meal that has Eric in control and the food served on paper plates. Ah, the weekend...

How We Do What We Do...

We prefer regular old ground beef for our burgers. Fatty? Maybe. Delicious and juicy? Definitely! This is about four pounds of ground beef.

I used to be a huge fan of the onion soup burger, but I've had to stop with that since it leaves an aftertaste that doesn't sit well with me later in the evening. So, we use a tablespoon each of seasoning salt, steak seasoning, and Worchestershire sauce. I also throw in about a teaspoon of garlic powder. Eric, if he's feeling really ambitious, will chop us some garlic and fresh herbs and throw in there as well. Although, my older son did announce one time that he didn't like his burgers with plants in it.

Eric in action. Big hands...big burgers! They end up looking like meatballs whenever I try to pat them out myself.

I do my part. I give a sprinkle of seasoning salt to the top, too.

Ready to hit the grill!

A thinly sliced purple (or red?) onion

The kid-friendly hamburger dill chip

It doesn't take a lot to complete our hamburger dinner - mustard, ketchup, chips and dip. Plus, I love a meal that can be served on paper plates.

Chips and dip - an appetizer and a side dish - versatile...

Hear the sizzle? Eric cooks the burgers on low heat and keeps a cup of water ready for flare-ups.

Eric said we were probably driving the neighbors crazy. Grilling always smells better when it's coming from another yard.

My 8-year-old hamburger-addict!

Another gorgeous Saturday night on the McCallie patio. Come on over! We've got plenty!!



  1. These look delicious! I am as interested in the pics as I am the food. Beautiful!

  2. Mmmmmm....Looks sooooo good. Remembering that I too am a burger addict. Gonna go talk to Husband. Need to dust off the grill.

  3. We've had beautiful weather here in Georgia. Enjoying being and eating outside this weekend!

  4. Kim, your pictures look like they were made by a professional food photographer. You do a wonderful job.

  5. Kim, I do Ranch burgers sometimes, just add a ranch packet to hamburger meat, also add to meatloaf for a change.

  6. Lisa, I don't think I've tried Ranch burgers yet. I should experiment more. Maybe I should let you and Rachael Ray inspire me. She has dozens of burger themes.


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