Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Relections: "The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen" by Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson

My cookbook shelves were overflowing. I have a small cabinet that is filled with cookbooks, cooking magazines, and cookie cutters. Frankly, it had become an abyss filled with forgotten, but seemingly "necessary" items. So on Friday, I decided to delve into the depths of the cabinet and eliminate anything that (a) I didn't truly love, and (b) I had no clue what it was or where it even came from. So, I now have a stack of cookbooks that I will be donating to some needy folks, also known as my coworkers.

In the spirit of "one man's trash is another man's treasure", I have decided to highlight one of my cookbooks that I do love and deem necessary - The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen by Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson. Teri and Serena write extensively of their love of antiques and finding treasures where others had only seen trash. They can look at an item and see not only the beauty of what used to be, but also the potential of what could be. And, from the stories contained in the cookbook, they extend that special gift to the people they have met along their journey from stay-at-home moms to successful business women.

I truly believe that recipes have history, too, just like any other item that you can hold in your hand. In The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, I feel that history the most in the dessert section where Serena has a dark chocolate butter cake recipe that must be close to the cake that she proudly baked for her father when she was a young girl. And, what says history more than pie? Teri and Serena have used their mini pies as thank you gifts and I can't think of a nicer way to say thank you than giving someone something from your kitchen. There are numerous pie recipes in this cookbook and, for someone who's never made her own crust, I must say that I'm inspired to give it a try soon. But, that's after I cook the apple puff pancake and sweet onion tartlets. Oh, please let me find an event that needs sweet onion tartlets!!

The whole cookbook is filled with down home recipes and crafty inspiration. I may not find myself out antiquing or hitting up yard sales, but I was inspired to pick up this beautiful cake plate a couple of weeks ago at a church thrift sale. I saw the beauty in it that day. I imagined someone's grandmother serving cake on it during the holidays while her children and grandchildren "oohed and aahed" and slying ran their fingers through the frosting when her back was turned. I was proud to add the plate to my collection. And, I think Serena and Teri would be proud, too.


  1. The cake plate is beautiful find :) I love the Farm Chicks and following Serena's blog !

  2. Kim,
    I AM so proud of your beautiful thrift sale purchase. You are so right! Thanks so much for your review of our book.

  3. Serena,
    So happy you took the time to stop by and say hello! Good luck in your new home! Kim


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