Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday Night is Steak Night

Saturday night is steak night around these parts. This has been our one constant weekend meal for the past 12 years or so. Eric and I prepare this meal together. He is the chopper so handles the onions and garlic. I'm the peeler so have the dubious task of peeling the potatoes. Once everything is prepped for the grill, Eric takes over and I can relax a little. Well, as relaxed as I can be while watching the kids as they run, climb, jump, yell, and fight.

Now, check out these jewels. I only buy ribeye steaks and I only buy them when they're on sale. I'll buy several packs and freeze them in packs of two. In my area, the best boneless ribeyes are sold by Food Lion for $5.99/lb. Harveys Supermarket has bone-in ribeyes for $4.99-$5.99/lb. I like both types. The bone-ins are a little smaller, but very flavorful. But, these beauties came from Food Lion. We cooked an extra one for the kids. My boys do like to eat meat - they're funny that way.

To accompany the steaks, we cook "our potatoes". The best part of these potatoes, other than the flavor, is that they're cooked on the grill, also. We wrap them up in a foil packet and put them on the grill before we throw the steaks on. Eric cooks them slowly so they do stay on the grill for quite a while. The following photos are all about procedures. Any type of seasoning can be used. 

First, I peel and slice the potatoes. I usually do about this much which is enough to feed an army. I would say it's about 1 1/2-2 lbs. of potatoes. The smaller and thinner you cut the potatoes, the faster they'll cook. I also soak my potatoes in a bowl of cold water until I'm ready to  add the rest of the ingredients and put them on the grill. This prevents them from discoloring.

While I'm working on the potatoes, Eric is busy at the chopping board slicing and chopping the onion and garlic. This is one large Vidalia onion. And, when I say garlic, I mean GARLIC!! Eric usually chops up an entire head of garlic. It is a lot of garlic, but the garlic softens as it cooks and mellows out. We're all about garlic in our house so he always chops up an entire head unless he's told otherwise.

It's all coming together. My trinity of seasonings is seasoning salt, garlic salt, and course ground black pepper. I also think that dried thyme goes well with potatoes so I throw in some of that. I also use light tasting extra virgin olive oil to bind it all together. I also added a little dried parsley to this dish. If we have some on hand, we like to put in chopped green onions or sliced leeks.

Once the potatoes are ready, my mission is done. Eric takes over on the grill.

Now, I must add that we usually eat asparagus with this meal. But, the price on the asparagus was a little high so I didn't buy any. However, I did buy lettuce for a salad...which I sorta forgot about...and left in the fridge...and promised myself that we would eat the next day. But, I did saute some onions in olive oil, seasonings, and balsamic vinegar and put on top of the steaks. That's a vegetable, isn't it? I hope so...

Here's my plate. Yes, I'm definitely counting those onions as a veggie.

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