Saturday, November 27, 2010

Decking the Halls

Thanksgiving is over and it was a wonderful day spent laughing and overeating with family at my Mema's house. I'm happy to report that we did not repeat the mistake of forgetting the cranberry sauce this year. Several cans were brought in and I was in charge of overseeing that it made its way to the table. Like Noah's ark, the food came in by twos. We had two turkeys - one baked, one smoked. Two of my aunts brought dressing. I, of course, had to try both of them. We also ended up with two bowls of gravy, but we combined those to save room. As we were all packing up to leave, we realized there was a forgotten banana pudding in the refrigerator. So, even though we were all stuffed, we pulled out some bowls and choked it down just because it was there...

Today, I've spent time decorating my home for Christmas. My nutcrackers made their way out of the closet and are lined up on my mantle protecting the house from mischevious elves (or children). The tree is up and decorated despite a frustrating discovery that even though I tested the lights, two strands were blown by the time I got them all on the tree. I almost cried and had to walk away for a while...

Before I can even get around to Christmas, I have to plan a birthday party for both of my boys for next weekend. Their birthdays are December 5th and 6th. No, it was not planned that way. My older son turned two the day after his baby brother was born. We had a small party for him in my hospital room. They now love to tell people, even those people who aren't interested, "We are not twins. We are two years apart." I might need to think about ordering a cake and buying some birthday gifts soon.

Yesterday, I was busy in the kitchen preparing a series of recipes that will be highlighted on the blog in the next couple of weeks. I don't want to give it away right now, but it looks a little something like this...

Now, is this a teaser or what??

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  1. Those look delicious!! Thank you for the kind words on my blog - it sure was a wonderful and unexpected honor for me! :)


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