Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year: Resolved and Inspired

If you've been following my blog from the beginning, you've probably read the post about my inspiration to start A Well-Seasoned Life. If you haven't, you may want to read My Inspiration or Motivating Discouragement. It was a combination of things that came together to motivate me into following my dream to write about food and life. With the New Year beginning at midnight tonight, I've been planning and plotting for the last couple of days, setting goals for this blog and for the realization of my dream.

Earlier today, I read a post on Small Notebook that made me stop and assess my goals for 2011 by choosing words that would describe the upcoming year. I have ambitiously chosen the words  DETERMINED and FEARLESS to describe 2011. Being a shy, introverted person, I’ve lived my entire life in fear of something – failure, criticism, rejection, even success. Over the summer, I really started to look at myself and my life and I asked myself, “What would your life be like if it wasn’t controlled by fear?” I decided to become fearless for once in my life and I started this blog and even though it’s in a virtual world, it has made me bolder and braver in every other aspect of my life.

I have been blessed that my blog has been recognized by Gooseberry Patch and I look forward to working with them throughout the upcoming year. To write reviews on some of my favorite cookbooks and to have the authors read the reviews and leave kind comments has been a dream come true. If I stopped blogging today, I would consider the venture to be a success. But, I do want more and will strive to get it. And, for me, just being willing to make that leap is evolution.

For now, the ideas and words are still flowing. I hope you'll continuing reading and following.

Happy New Year!!


  1. We'll definitely keep reading, Kim...thanks for all you do. Your blog is one that we're happy to partner with! :)

  2. Wow Kim, this blog really made me think. “What would MY life be like if it wasn’t controlled by fear?” Amazing what a little ol' food blog can do! :-) Keep up the GREAT work friend.


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