Monday, March 15, 2010

Mexican Monday

Hola! Welcome to Mexican Monday! Recently, the kids and I have started a tradition of eating Mexican food on Mondays. All of us love Mexican cuisine and can eat it a couple of times a week. Eric, on the other hand, can tolerate it about every other week. So, since the kids and I are on our own during the week, we're taking advantage of it. I like to mix it up when I hit the Mexican joints around here. I like to try different dishes but the kids stick to their usual: beef tacos for B and shrimp quesadilla for C.

One of the funniest things about our Mexican Mondays is watching C as he practices his Spanish on the waiters. He knows the usual - hello, thank you, you're welcome. But, he likes to make up words and try them out on the waiters. All of the waiters/waitresses are good-natured and get a kick out of a five-year-old testing out his Spanish accent. C likes to ask me how to say certain words in Spanish. Since I know little to no Spanish, I just make up pronunciations by adding an "o" to the end of the word or an "El" at the beginning. I'm hoping that one day one or both of the kids will take Spanish and be able to teach old Mom a few words. The high school and college French I took doesn't come in very handy here in Georgia.

Until next time, adios amigos!!

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