Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Giveaway} and Review: ChicoBag

When I first considered reviewing the Original ChicoBag, I was thinking about approaching the review from a foodie standpoint such as using the bag whenever I'm grocery shopping. However, an unexpected thing happened and the ChicoBag Original was utilized in another way.

I had thrown the bag in my purse because, even though I have good intentions, I often forgot to take my shopping bags to the store. Since this bag is so compact in its attached carrying case, it is the perfect bag to throw in your purse whenever you go into the grocery store. In fact, it's perfect to keep in the glove compartment of your car. Put it in your suitcase whenever you travel to use as a laundry bag or to bring home those extra souvenir goodies.

But, back to how I ended up using my ChicoBag Original for the first time. In June, after suffering from a severe headache for almost a week, my husband was hospitalized for what turned out to be viral meningitis. When faced with what to do with my husband's dirty clothes and personal items, I remembered that I had the ChicoBag in my purse. It was perfect! I was so happy that I had the bag and that I had remembered to use it.

I recommend that you pick up a ChicoBag for yourself. Visit ChicoBag to check out all of the wonderful products available.  I want to spread my love of my ChicoBag Original with one of my readers. I've taken the liberty of picking out a bag in this beautiful shade of Boysenberry. I know you'll love it as much as I do. You never know when the bag will come in handy...
Disclaimer: ChicoBag provided me with review and giveaway products; however, the opinion expressed here is my own.
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  1. It will be kept in my purse for those unexpected a hospital visit. My son has severe asthma and was hospitalized 4 times in 5 months. Praying your husband, and yourself, are well.

  2. Will carry it in my purse. Love to go shopping when on vacation and am always needing something to carry my presents for my granddaughters home in.. Hope your husband is home and things are moving upward for your family..

  3. Will carry in my purse for when I need a bag. Thanks.

  4. I will keep it in our truck. Plastic bags are banned in our city so I need it for anytime we go shopping!

  5. You can never have too many bags, I am always bringing along extra clothes for my daughter when we go places, this would be perfect. Hope your husband is now feeling better.

  6. I can keep it in my purse -- so it's ready to go for shopping (or for any other reason!)

  7. In the car- you never know when it might come in handy!

  8. It will go to the gym with me!


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