Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

For you bloggers out there, did you ever think that there would be a time when you would stop caring about how many hits your blog was getting? When you wouldn't obsess about what you were going to prepare for the week, how you were going to photograph it, what props you would use to show it at its best? I didn't think that time would come for me, either, but it did.

I haven't been blogging lately because, frankly, my heart hasn't been in it. And, for the late few weeks, I've been trying to figure out why. When I started this food blog in August of 2010, I gave myself two years, two years to make it. Why two years? Because whenever I would read about a blogger turned cookbook author, two years seemed to be the magic number. In two years time, the Pioneer Woman and Southern Plate were turning out cookbooks. And, I naively thought that if they could do it, then anyone could. The pessimist in me has recently punched the optimistic me in the gut and told her to wake up!

Switching over to this new Blogger and seeing how few hits I get with each post has been an eye-opener. Seeing new bloggers claiming to get millions of hits a month is discouraging. It takes me back to high school - the popular, pretty people are always going to rise to the top no matter what.

I can't tell you how hard I've tried to make this work. I have tried from every possible angle to jumpstart some sort of food writing career. I've contacted every magazine and food production company that I can think of. Nothing has panned out. Did I want to be the next Ree Drummond? Heck, no! I wouldn't be on TV if you gave me the opportunity. But, I did want to write and make a career (i.e. living) out of it.

So, where am I going? Obviously, nowhere. And, I'll have to accept it. I'll continue my blog because a few people like to read it occasionally. But, I'll accept this for what it is - a hobby - not the beginning of something more.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me and written kind words to me these past two years. I'll continue writing for you.


  1. I hear ya! I actually had to keep reminding myself that it was a hobby from the beginning, especially when readers would make comments acting like I "owed" them something. Once I found out I was pregnant, morning sickness took away the drive to post all the time, and now that my baby girl is here, I treat my blog like a fun escape. It's something I'll keep around and continue to enjoy doing, but I'm not going to be basing my self worth off of it. :) (from

  2. I seriously doubt those "new bloggers" are actually getting millions of hits, and if by any odd chance they are, they aren't real people (such as myself, a woman in Fort Worth)...they're some sort of automated thingummy.

    Now, how to get to the point of a cookbook, I don't know, or making money from your blog.

    FWIW, I like it, and appreciate your taking the trouble to type in these recipes!

  3. Don't give up! I felt like that a while ago and I even gave up for a while but realised that I loved blogging too much and didn't want to give it away. Maybe you just need a break for a month or so?

    I'm actually hosting a Social Media link up at my blog at the moment. Why don't you swing by and link up your social media profiles?

    Take care and best wishes for a great weekend.
    Natasha in Oz

  4. I know from which you speak. My blog isn't a food blog but I've recently taken a whole month off to reevaluate everything. And like you, I've decided not to worry about the hits and such and just enjoy doing it as a hobby and nothing else.
    I've been slack on commenting here but you really do a great job and I hope you keep it up.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. It's nice to see that there are others out there who are just as disillusioned as I am. I guess self-doubt is a natural part of the process. I've got to push through it.

  6. Wow! You have 559 followers and 772 members; that's impressive. I've been doing a blog for almost 3 years now and have a quarter of that. However, for me blogging is forming a network, reaching out to other bakers, gaining friendships, and learning from talented women like yourself.
    After losing my daughter, two years ago, I realized expectation is overrated and trying to make something happen (or not) is a human frailty. Maybe you just need a break--I love your blog. XOXO

  7. BTW--I submitted tons of Proposals for books in 3-D paper flowers and like you, gave up the idea that I would be an author. While at a trade show, demonstrating my techniques, an editor stop at my booth and ask me to submit a proposal. I'm now beginning my third book.
    When I stopped stressing over ever being published, it happened out of the blue. Just wanted you to know--been there, done that. XOXO

  8. Chin up, Kim. I, too, swing back-and-forth between seeing my blog as my hobby vs. wanting to push to grow it. I think my blog and I have a much better relationship when I view it as a hobby!! Do what you love with the blogging, do it for you ... not to live up to anyone else's expectations or claims ... and you just never know what may come to fruition.
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  9. I hope things work out well for you Kim...I really enjoy your blog. I only post one recipe a week because I don't want my blog taking over my life or for me to get burnt out! Maybe take a break and see how you feel after that :)

  10. Kim - I'm so sorry you feel like this. You are good at what you do. You are a great writer and you take beautiful photographs. You can't get hung up on how many hits your posts are getting. Blogging should be fun and I hope it becomes fun to you again someday soon.

  11. Bless your heart.. I also wonder how Pioneer Woman made it big.. as fast as it seems she did.. I for one love your blog and hope some day in the future you'll be bigger than that old Pioneer Woman!!
    I agree with Jean.. please don't get upset about the numbers.. heck, if I did I'd stop all together.. I only have 9 followers.. and one of those is me! haha...

  12. You have a great blog! I don't usually respond but I do enjoy your writing. From a personal note I do know you have to make your own parade and step to your own beat. You should do what makes you happy and if not constantly putting pressure on yourself to blog all the time works.....then follow your beat. You do have something to offer the world and I enjoy it!

  13. In my opinion - as soon as you free yourself from what others think about YOUR blog, you are free to do whatever you want - It's yours, enjoy it, post when and what you want and don't think twice about other people..... that's what I do!:)

  14. It's funny how when you're feeling down, something happens that makes you tie a knot at the end of the rope and hold one.

    First, I read all of your kind words and really appreciate them. I'm not going to give up!

    And, after feeling a little discouraged lately about my lack of progress in obtaining my goal to be a food writer, I got a boost this afternoon. As I was corresponding with a publishing rep about reviewing a cookbook, she asked if I was at a blogging conference last week because my blog sounded familiar. I thought she had confused me with someone else. Then she wrote: "I went back through my notes and found your blog name – in one of the classes they mentioned you as a great example for niche cooking blogs. So… yes, you’re popular!! ;)" I'm stunned and pleased. It was just what I needed to hear to soldier onward.

  15. i like your blog and i may not comment all of the time, but keep it up because I like it (Lol)
    Personally, I have a blog with like 20ish followers and not that many people come by and comment on my stuff. At first i was really bummed, I guess i'm not that interesting. Also i don't branch out and join "blog clubs". But I write daily because I want to. If i want to share a recipe i will, if i want to bitch and moan i will. I do it for me. Maybe that's what you need. How much of this is for you? or is it to make others happy? What makes you happiest about blogging? does it feel like a chore? just figure out what makes you happy about it and keep going, or if you're unhappy about it, maybe you just need a longer break.

  16. aw I'm so sorry, I feel the same way, and Hubby keeps telling me if I love it to keep at it. But it does suck as of now I have not made one penny at this, I have spent more than I care to admit, but I love it, so maybe one day I will make more of it, but until then, I will just try to have fun.

  17. I always love your recipes! Please keep posting :)

    1. Thanks, Desi! I'm preparing to get started with some new recipes in August. I'm ready to get back to it. I've missed all of the friends that I've made over the past two years. Hope you'll stop by often.

  18. I have felt exactly the same as you, many times. There have been times I have deleted every single bookmarked blog that I was following, because I was jealous of the successful ones. I have had so many photos turned down by food porn sites and ended up feeling resentful and petulant about the whole blogging process. Then I find a blog that is obviously just about blogging, not about hits or professional photos - just keeping a journal and keeping track of recipes, crafts, quilting, etc. - and I get interested again. I know I'll never be Ree Drummond, and I think I've finally accepted that! Also, I love reading about others' lives as they share their recipes, their crafts, tours of their homes, glimpses into their lives. It's like having dozens of BFFs. ;)

    I find your blog so interesting and attractive and most of all - well written. I admire that! I can't offer you a book deal or millions of hits, but you do have a reader that loves seeing you post - me! :)

  19. Thanks for encouragement, Linda. I really appreciate it.


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